Stephanie Papillo

Founder Friendly Little Kitchen


Stephanie is a Melbourne based food blogger, whose life revolves around cooking, eating and focusing on the bright side of living with food intolerances. Stephanie balances her passion for food with her career in marketing, and always finds time to spend in her kitchen, doing what she does best… cooking!

After being diagnosed with fructose malabsorption, Stephanie turned to the low-FODMAP diet to get her health back on track, and began sharing her stories and recipes on Friendly Little Kitchen in the hope of helping others with the difficulties of adjusting their diet.

Friendly Little Kitchen is filled with a collection of delicious and healthy recipes made to suit several dietary requirements, including low-FODMAP, gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-friendly and sugar-free diets.

Stephanie’s love for food is truly contagious, while her positive approach to food intolerances and allergies is refreshingly honest and practical. She keeps things simple and focuses on what you can eat, and in turn gives her readers a sense of hope that there is a bright side to food intolerance.