Patrick van der Burght

Radiation Protection Specialist

The bedroom is the place where the body is meant to rest and regenerate. It is therefore arguably the most important part of your life to ‘get right’ when faced with serious or chronic health issues, or hoping to avoid them.

Patrick van der Burght is a director of GEOVITAL, international speaker, magazine contributor and leading international authority on radiation protection and environmental medicine. He is an international course director and trains doctors, therapists and others in how to conduct home assessments for their patients or communities.

GEOVITAL Academy was born 30 years ago as a natural health clinic in Austria and is now a leading international authority on environmental medicine. Through treating thousands of clients they realised results were often temporary if the ability to regenerate and restore health in the bedroom was compromised. They found domestic radiation and the bedroom mattresses were critical for the body to rest, rejuvenate and recover.


Patrick will share his expertise in how to optimise health recovery. His session will cover:

  • take-home tips you can implement immediately to reduce your exposure to radiation
  • the role the bedroom plays in restoring and maintaining health
  • the common radiation found in many homes that you may need help with
  • insights on how to prevent buying, building or renting a home that is unfixable, and
  • key realisations when it comes to mattress health and design.