Maz Valcorza

The Naked Vegan


Maz’s passion for food has always been apparent to her friends and family. It was only natural for her to trade in her corporate career for a chance to open Sydney’s first organic, raw, plant-based living foods and wholefoods cafe– Sadhana Kitchen.

Maz describes herself as an avid yoga, raw food and star wars enthusiast. She first set foot onto a yoga mat at Lila Yoga in 2010, and has carried one with her everywhere she goes ever since. She completed yoga teacher training at Samadhi Yoga (now Jivamukti Yoga Sydney) in 2011 and was fortunate enough to connect with a whole bunch of awesome people who have inspired and guided her journey.

As a yoga teacher and wholefoods jedi, Maz strives to encourage students to work towards a deeper connection with their mind, body and spirit. She believes that what we put into our bodies everyday is part of our Sadhana (conscious spiritual practice), and hopes to share how everyone can discover their own personal wisdom, self healing abilities and infinite potential.

For Maz, yoga was the gateway to a new world of mindful and purposeful living. After studying nursing at university and then working in the pharmaceuticals industry, she was exposed to many aspects of health and wellbeing, but it wasn’t until after yoga opened her eyes to the practice of ahimsa (non-harm) that she made the connection between how what we eat affects us and our world. At this point, Maz became vegan and adopted a plant-based diet. An interest in ultimate health further lead her to discover the path of raw foods and she’s never looked back.

In April 2012, the opportunity to open a café presented itself and with the help of her partner at the time Sam Church, she opened Sydney’s first organic, raw, vegan, raw food and wholefoods café – Sadhana Kitchen and it has been an intense and amazing journey so far. Maz feels blessed that through yoga and Sadhana Kitchen, she has found her dharma (life purpose).

Maz is currently the director of Sadhana Kitchen and The I Give A Shit Project and has a raw food recipe book. She spends the rest of her time whipping up deliciously healthy, sustainable and ethical food, running workshops around the country and finding new ways to help others transform themselves and their world through their plates.