Kathy Ashton

Nutritional Medicine Practitioner


Kathy Ashton is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and a leading authority on using wholefoods to heal the body.  She understands which foods benefit the body, which foods harm and which foods heal, focussing on using food to treat specific chronic illnesses such as thyroid disease, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis and many others.

As the founder of Flourish Nutritional Medicine, her passion is to help people make small changes that make huge differences.

Her powerful and passionate presentations enlighten and educate those who want a new lease on life and health.  She lives and breathes what she teaches, adding clarity where there is confusion and showing the way through the mixed messages that permeate the food landscape.

Kathy’s nutritional medicine journey began in her 30s after she developed an autoimmune disease called fibromyalgia.  Despite being fit and thinking her diet was “spot on”, Kathy was constantly in pain and on a cocktail of drugs.  She started to wonder if her love of sugar was in some way to blame.  At the time, mainstream health professionals emphatically denied any link between food and disease.  Her work as a remedial massage therapist and lecturer in musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology and her body told her something different.  She went cold turkey – giving up sugar.  Within a week, most of the pain had receded.  By the time she saw her doctor again, she was pain free leaving her doctor to describe her as a ‘medical miracle’.

What happened next was the pivotal moment in Kathy’s life – her husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Determined to help him, Kathy went back to university obtaining a science degree in Nutritional Medicine and is now mentored by Dr John McDougall, an innovative medical professionals who has linked diet to disease.  Using whole food, plant based, oil free foods her clinical practice produces amazing results, transforming lives through improvements in sleep, vitality, clarity, energy, reduced anxiety, easy and sustainable weight loss and a reduction in medication and symptoms from a whole host of chronic diseases.

Kathy believes change is only one decision away.  The amount you wish to change is entirely up to you.  Her motto is “In a year’s time, don’t wish you had started today”.

A guide, mentor and teacher, Kathy knows the body is an incredible healing machine, which only requires the right fuel to heal itself.  Through her programs she teaches the truth behind food, what is healthy to eat, what should be minimised or avoided and most importantly, how to put it all together in a sustainable way in your life.