Kara Landau

Travelling Dietitian


Kara Landau, Travelling Dietitian, is a Sydney based media dietitian and author of The Clean Separation specialising in foods to boost mood, gut strengthening diets, and energy enhancing nutrition.

Holding a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and a Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Kara has been enthusiastically immersed within the wellness and new healthy product space for years.

Kara is regularly called on by the media for her expert opinion, having appeared on Channel 7 News, Channel 10 News, Today Tonight, ACA, Sunrise, NovaFM, as well as in Body+Soul, The Age, The Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, Womens Health, Mens Health, Womens Heath & Fitness, Ninemsn, News.com.au, Mamamia, PopSugar, Kidspot, Yahoo7, Telstra Business, Womens Agenda, Fernwood Fitness, Fitness First & more.

With experience ranging from managing corporate nutrition initiatives for BUPA Australia, to representing Nutrition Australia, and assisting numerous healthy food brands on new product development and branding initiatives, Kara is passionately entrenched in the healthy food and education space.

Having travelled extensively across the globe, and previously living in New York, Kara is an expert in sourcing unique nutrient dense ingredients that enhance the nutritional profile of all the quick to prepare and delicious dishes she shares throughout her Travelling Dietitian social media channels daily.

Not promoting one particular “diet” but rather showcasing the variety of ways to obtain the nourishing nutrients our bodies thrive off, Kara aims to empower everyone she encounters so they feel in control of their health and wellbeing.

Acting as a brand spokesperson, video producer, on-screen talent, public speaker, and new product developer, Kara proudly and authentically represents the innovative healthy products and services that she aligns herself with, and aims to inspire people to enjoy a variety of healthy foods while living their lives with passion.