Bee Pennington

The Wellness Mentor

Bee Pennington is the owner and head mentor at The Wellness Mentor, a coaching practice that sees her mentoring females to their best health using holistic, personal training and life affirming practices.

In her personal intersection of passion you’ll find that nurturing and health are the two most important aspects of Bee’s personality that drive her to be the best coach, mentor and support to her clients.

The author of Happy Gluten Free Kids, Bee has worked in the gluten free space for six years with the view to inspire and educate those living gluten free. In recent years Bee has moved towards a whole food, clean living, and meditative approach to health.

Bee is a mum and entrepreneur and strongly believes in practising what she preaches and being the example. She believes there has never been a more significant time to learn how to tune in to your own body’s rhythm and maximise your personal wellness.